Spirits of the Pines, William Sikora

26 May 2006

A few weeks before filming Spirits of the Pines II, little actress Kaitlyn Hadden was set to return to her role as the indian child, Ayashe. A week before filming, director William Sikora checked up on her only to find that the number he had was out of service and the emails were returned. There [...]


26 May 2006

Check out this pic of Sikora and his favorite little character from his trip to Disney in March. Stitch is one of the last hand drawn characters from Disney. Lilo & Stitch is a story about an alien that lands in Hawaii and discovers what life is all about and his purpose. Click the pic [...]

Movie Trailers, Spirits of the Pines

25 May 2006

All the main shots for Spirits of the Pines II have been shot! Everything was completed yesterday, and a teaser trailer has been promised to us by mid June! More info on the shoot tomorrow morning. The film will head into post production and effects, then music composition, leading to a Fall release like the [...]


25 May 2006

Sorry for not as much posting recently, it has been a hectic schedule, but we should be Ok! Summer can finally begin and we have some high hopes on the future projects that are coming up!


24 May 2006

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Sikora’s CD, The Reflection In The Mirror! The album kicked off with an upbeat club song, Hooked and it went on to be #1 on Acidplanet in all genres! The second single was, Come Back 2 Me, and it too made it to the top spot on Acidplanet. The [...]

William Sikora

17 May 2006

Pines II will be the first film that director William Sikora makes a cameo in. He is rumored to be one of the indians in the background. No official word on what was actually filmed for his “cameo” but we do know it was done. Early in the year rumors sparked about having more then [...]

Charis Garwood - O Holy Night (Acoustic)
Angry Birds: Dawn of Time (Trailer)
Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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