Spirits of the Pines

27 October 2006

Watch it here! Then go and buy the movie to see what happens next! Only $14.99!CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

B Entertainment, William Sikora, YouTube

23 October 2006

“Over the weekend we had some good sales of the DVD and don’t want to scare away fans or moviewatchers with a $20 price. So as of today the sale will be extended until November 1st. So get your copy before Halloween and enjoy the most frightening B Entertainment film ever made!” Director William Sikora [...]

Spirits of the Pines

22 October 2006

Director/Creator of Spirits of the Pines will make a big announcement tomorrow regarding the film…no idea what it could be about. A third film? A big deal? Who knows, just be sure to keep an eye out for some good news that will definitely get the film buzzing! As for Pines, it has been selling [...]


22 October 2006


20 October 2006

Sikora is making a recovery from his allergic reaction, today being the first day seeing a difference. Over the next few days he should be back to full health! Thanks for everyone who prayed!


19 October 2006

This week Sikora ate some bad chinese food and soon after he had an allergic reaction to the food. As of now he is ok and the rash is healing…”I am pretty much scared to eat anymore Chinese food out here! First time at this restaurant and the soup was actually really good, but obviously [...]

Charis Garwood - O Holy Night (Acoustic)
Angry Birds: Dawn of Time (Trailer)
Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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