Video Games

24 January 2007

Celebrating 10 years of movie magic, this marks a big animation point in the companys history combining animation with live action backgrounds all created on a Super Nintendo game called Mario Paint. With a video mixer and a few VCR’s the film was put together and released in October of 1998. While this is not [...]


23 January 2007

Sikora released a few new photos from a recent shoot in the Fall with photographer Andrea Besch, he uploaded them to his MySpace page where fans can leave comments and save the pictures for backgrounds or whatever! Click on over to Sikora’s official MySpace page HERE

B Entertainment, William Sikora

23 January 2007

Did director William Sikora plan a theme park based on his films and future work? That is the rumor and we have come across some drawings and graphics that could possibly validate things. The plans were drawn back in early 2000′s and show some pretty interesting concepts…no word if these images will be released and/or [...]

B Entertainment

23 January 2007

Jessica Dyer starred in an off the wall comedy 20/20, a spoof that mocked the real show but went to the limit! After three episodes, there was a final episode planned but it never got completed…here is an interview with Jessica Dyer from 1999. -What is your favorite B Entertainment movie?Well I think that all [...]


23 January 2007

B Entertainment

18 January 2007

Since B Entertainment relocated to New York City, their web design portion of the company sky rocketed to unbelievable heights! Business more then tripled in just the few short months since they arrived. “Business is going great, so not what I expected to see, but we are constantly keeping busy and are striving from word [...]

Charis Garwood - O Holy Night (Acoustic)
Angry Birds: Dawn of Time (Trailer)
Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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