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31 July 2008

It has been a long time since we have heard anything about The Hamsters, an animated sitcom starring a family of furry rodents who live in a box.  Production was behind, work just stopped on the little show, then was decided to be turned into a full movie.  When the movie was removed from b-entertainment.com [...]


30 July 2008

This official advertisement features Sikora pushing an unplugged TV tuned into BTV!  Returning this fall, Sikora Video Diaries will continue the crazy journey documenting Sikora’s life.  Last season was the best season yet with all the exclusive Step Up 2 The Streets and Hollywood action.  Will Sikora be able to outdo Season 3?  We will [...]


29 July 2008

Just around noon today, Sikora dropped a bomb of an update, new myspace, new pictures, new music!  A very creative shoot that involves a T.V. and also pics showing off his new body give fans a reminder that Sikora is still hot and fresh.  The much anticipated cover single “Forever” (4ever) has also appeared in [...]


29 July 2008

Sikora is rumored to be a couple hours away from launching his newest MySpace page with the exclusive new song “Forever” and a new photoshoot!  We will let you know when it launches…hopefully…

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28 July 2008

It has been quite a summer for BTV as it has finally reached 400 subscribers over the weekend.  Fans have been flocking to the exciting final season of Tarnnia and some great animated shorts released by B Entertainment.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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24 July 2008

Is Tarnnia finally going to get her own website?  Besides MySpace and YouTube, Tarnnia has never had an official site…this image that was uncovered on B Entertainment servers hints just that!  Even though it is her final season, we would love to see a Tarnnia website up, the image is apparently of a wallpaper thumbnail, [...]

Charis Garwood - O Holy Night (Acoustic)
Angry Birds: Dawn of Time (Trailer)
Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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