27 February 2009

Many years ago we posted an article about this short film that was never finished or even released.  Mr Frog In Elevator Antics was started in 2003 and then received a model character update in 2005, the film was never completed and rests unfinished at three minutes in length.  While the reason why it wasn’t [...]

B Entertainment

26 February 2009

It seems like all we hear Obama talk about is “change, change, change” well we have been working hard on our blog image and have plans to change things up as well!  In the coming weeks, we will be launching a whole new blog site, we are hiring writers, going to expand our topics to [...]

American Idol, Tarnnia

25 February 2009

This afternoon, BTV reached 550 subscribers to it’s channel!  The channel has been a tremendous success since it relaunched in the end of 2007.  The growth of BTV is only becoming more and more!  Here is a list of the Top 10 Videos since it’s launch: 1. Sikora Video Diary: Step Up 2 Behind the [...]


25 February 2009

It looks like we are going to meet a new character?  A bunny, err rabbit?  He doesn’t look too nice either!  This new picture from the production of the next Happy Chicken should warm fans’ hearts, because it’s proof, the chicken hasn’t been fried!  We should be expecting a release date very soon!

Celebs, Funny, Tarnnia

25 February 2009

It’s episode 38 and Tarnnia is still rockin’ her final season!  Is it just an extended season or is it hard to end such a great show?  Who knows, but Tarnnia remains herself throughout it all in this funny little episode, where she loses her wallet and her mom voices her opinion!

BTV, Celebs, Chris Brown, Rihanna

25 February 2009

Just a week ago we posted that the Chris Brown Parody on BTV crossed 3,000 views, now we are updating you that the video has received almost 10.5k views!  The video is definitely a hit and will hopefully spread to more people as it gains in popularity.  Watch the video HERE.

Charis Garwood - O Holy Night (Acoustic)
Angry Birds: Dawn of Time (Trailer)
Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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