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30 April 2009

VV Brown is a London-based English recording artist, songwriter and producer currently signed to Universal’s Island Records. The Los Angeles Times and UK newspaper The Independent have both named Brown an artist to watch in 2009. She is now completing her debut album, Traveling Like The Light, which is scheduled for release this summer!  Definitely [...]

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30 April 2009

This is what they the ‘Peas look like when combine Fergie, Apl, Taboo, and will.i.am digitally.  Pretty weird…most people aren’t going to know that bit of information, maybe it’s explained in the booklet, maybe not.   Personally I think it would be better to show your actual face if your releasing a CD, especially after a [...]

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30 April 2009

Paula got punk’d.  In an interview on 104.7 FM’s Johnjay and Rich Show, the American Idol judge, 46, admits she fell for one of Sacha Baron Cohen ‘s pranks in his upcoming film Bruno. (Cohen plays flamboyantly gay Austrian in the comedy, out July 10.) Abdul says she received a call that she had won [...]

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30 April 2009

Christian Bale is praying The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan signs up for a third Batman film – because nobody will be able to better the moviemaker’s previous efforts. Bale was directed by Nolan in 2005′s Batman Begins and reprised his role as the caped crusader for last year’s box office smash, which grossed more [...]

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30 April 2009

Comedian Ricky Gervais is adapting his children’s book series Flanimals for the big screen. The British funnyman is teaming up with Matt Selman, a writer for The Simpsons, to create a 3-D animated version based on his four hit books, about a world of imaginary creatures. Gervais will voice the lead character, a fat purple [...]

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30 April 2009

Eco-friendly actress Rachel McAdams is urging the world’s sexy ladies to add bamboo lingerie to their collection of skimpy outfits. The Notebook star has become a leading celebrity green activist and she has launched a website, GreenIsSexy.org, to help raise awareness about clothing alternatives and better ways to serve the environment. And, as well as [...]

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