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31 May 2009

If reports are correct, The Tarnnia Show the hit show on BTV should be ‘go’ for another season of laughs.  Last year the show was set to finish off with a final season but ended up having it’s biggest and best season ever!  Having all the good reviews and comedy should push the creators to [...]

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31 May 2009

This is the trailer for “New Moon” that premiered just a little while ago during the MTV Movie Awards!  Are you a big fan or are you sick of the hype around the first film?  Either way, we are letting you get a first look at the next film! Enjoy!

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31 May 2009

During Bruno’s grand entrance into the awards didn’t go exactly as planned for the fabulously, gay man as “technical difficulties” cause him to fall right into Eminem’s lap. Ass in face, Eminem’s crew start to get rough and pushes Bruno around. Em gets pissed and storms out. Do you think it was scripted?  We sure [...]

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31 May 2009

After denying the rumors, Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Jennifer Hudson is pregnant. The singer held a baby shower in downtown Chicago this weekend. "It was a baby shower, a quiet gathering of friends and mostly family," singer/actress Felicia Fields, a longtime Hudson friend, said of Saturday’s get-together in a relative’s [...]

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31 May 2009

The animated action comedy "Up" took flight with a $68.2 million opening weekend, maintaining a perfect box-office track record for Pixar Animation, whose 10 films all have been commercial and critical hits. "Up" had the third-best opening for a film from Disney-owned Pixar, just behind the $70 million debuts for "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles." [...]

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30 May 2009

Street dance act Diversity is the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. The dancers captivated the nation’s attention at the audition stages, with their slick routine and impressive acrobatic skills to hip hop beats. Diversity went on to win the judges’ vote in the first semi-final, dancing to a medley of the Mission Impossible theme, [...]

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