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Adam Lambert Wears Too Much Makeup

37 Comments 07 June 2009

Although he wore a crazy suit that stood out among the guests at the 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards held tonight, you can’t help but notice the caked on makeup on the newly “outed” idol.  Do you think he is wearing too much makeup?  This picture just shows a little too much icing on them cakes! Yuck!


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37 Comments so far

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    He's PERFECT!

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Doesn't look like too much makeup to me. Jealous much?

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    He looks stunning what are talking about!


  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    You are just jealous of his fabulousness.
    Why don't you just ~fade~ away.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    He looks good to me. Adam is SEXXXY! I wish he was wearing me.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Sexy. Forget the face (it's pretty) get a full-length shot and look at the bulge in those pants. No make up needed there.

  7. avatar Kaetsa says:

    He looks Perfect!

  8. avatar mari says:

    He looks SO PERFECT to me. Really HOT!!

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    Cakey makeup? Are you blind or just dumb? The man is GORGEOUS personified. I'd like to see YOU try and do better.

  10. avatar Celle says:

    Adam >>>>>>>>>>>>>> you, ANY day, you jealous… :P

    Anyway, back to Adam. People look at THIS! ()


    And his skin's much better now, IMO. :P Check this pic out too: () He's smile is so contagious here. :D

  11. avatar Anonymous says:

    Adam is perfect. His makeup is also perfect. :)

  12. avatar Jen says:

    Adam looks Adamazingly HOT HOT HOT!!!

  13. avatar Anonymous says:

    Ahhh, Adam is gorgeous! I want him.

  14. avatar Anonymous says:

    Really? Really? Is this all you guys got, because Adam looks gorgeous tonight and so happy. Next time think of something more clever.

  15. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hah. You wish you were that fabulous.

  16. avatar BuZZ says:

    Thanks for all the comments, glad to see people talking! Bookmark us! Should we upload more pics of Adam including his suit?

  17. avatar Anonymous says:

    He looks pretty awesome to me. Love the Glambert!

  18. avatar admin says:

    u r all idiots lol

  19. avatar Mystic says:

    Why are we all idiots? Because we have an opinion? You asked for our opinion. So we gave it. Now here is mine. You have no idea what your talking about!! Adam is one of the hottest guys on the planet!! You just wish you could look that good with makeup on!!!!!

  20. avatar Buzz says:

    Sure :) its one thing to coverup and wear makeup, its another thing to put it on like icing on a cake, thick and pastey and noticeable…u should never have to tell ur wearing concealer.

  21. avatar Buzz says:

    your obviously disconnected with what looks good. Adam would never wear that much makeup if he didnt have all that bad skin…so he cant possibly be the hottest guy on the planet if he needs to cover himself up with layers upon layers.

  22. avatar Beau says:

    These comments were all probably made from the same person, probably Adam Lambert himself. BareMinerals…

  23. avatar Anonymous says:

    yes ppl he is clearly wearing TOO much makeup. If a female walked out on the red carpet looking like that she would be hounded to the ends of the earth! I am not saying Adam isn’t attractive as he clearly is(I have eyes you know)but he need to at least match his foundation better and preferably try going a little easier on it…lol

  24. avatar asmar says:

    adam lambert rocks he is sexxxxy!!!!!

  25. avatar says:

    adam lambert is sexxxy!!!!!! i like him

  26. avatar C* says:

    Adam is pure with no makeup; and is hot with some makeup ;)

  27. avatar says:

    Adam is normally a redhead with freckles. I think he does a fine job in covering up the freckles.

  28. avatar Kimberley says:

    I find Adam Lambert extremely attractive.
    But, yes, I do think his facial makeup is a little much.
    His eyes, like always, are stunning.
    The foundation could be a little much.
    He has since worked on his skin, and if you look at pictures now, he is truly a gorgeous man. <3
    Love you Adam. (: Stay pretty.

  29. avatar OKAY TO ALL says:

    ok its not caked. He looks good, he just has bad pores. i think he needs a moisturizing foundation and set it if hes oily. Too much wrinkle.

  30. avatar says:

    He is looking so sexy. I love Adam’s eyes very much.

  31. avatar truff says:

    Did the red-head pick out his freckles?

  32. avatar Ariel says:

    I love Adam, but it looks like he has a cheese cloth on his face. Too many large pores for that much makeup. But you can’t expect any less from a drag queen ;p

  33. avatar Malum says:

    Obviously the first image was just sharpened which emphasized his pores. It’s been edited is all.

  34. avatar Buzz says:

    lol his skin is horrible, plain and simple. the end.

  35. avatar ele knows best says:

    There is definately too much makeup!
    I have to admit, overall Adam is sexy, but seriously couldn’t he tone it down just a bit!?

  36. avatar you wish says:

    Adam looks awsome all the time caked or not some people are just hatters

  37. avatar Experienced Pro says:

    Yawn… this is so totally unimportant.

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