30 November 2009

Ho. Lee. Crap. The first (real) teaser trailer’s coming in December, but after seeing this poster, I don’t know if I can’t wait that long. And yes, I know tomorrow is December. Via – Aint It Cool News

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30 November 2009

Ugly Betty is just getting better and better this season, as evidenced by Friday night’s stellar episode. (Sorry for the delay, BTW, with the Ugly Betty Bites—I blame it on Thanksgiving madness and entirely too much turkey!) The great hour of television featured a mix of great storylines, including one about a cult that Daniel [...]

Animation, Disney, Movies

30 November 2009

The new Disney fairy tale movie, " The Princess and the Frog" has a familiar storyline. (Girl kisses frog. Weird stuff happens.) But the look is new: The debut of Disney’s first African American princess. Ever. The animated musical opens this week in New York and Los Angeles (and everywhere next month) and already Web [...]

Celebs, Drama, Lindsay Lohan

30 November 2009

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has slammed rumors he’s suicidal, blaming an impostor for posting a series of worrying messages online suggesting he planned to take his own life. Born-again Christian Michael Lohan has been at war with Lindsay and his ex-wife Dina over his claims the actress is battling an addiction to prescription drugs – [...]


30 November 2009

Alec Baldwin has set a deadline of 2012 to quit acting – because he considers himself a Hollywood "failure". Baldwin, 51, boasts an Oscar nomination, two Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards, but insists his body of work is nothing to be proud about. So he’s vowed to bow out of show business when his [...]

Electronics, Video Games

30 November 2009

In the market for Nathan Drake’s latest adventure but not trying to spend a hidden fortune on it?’s Cyber Monday deals are here to help, offering Uncharted 2 for only $40, among other great deals. How about Left 4 Dead 2 for $40? Or maybe you’d prefer a 60-hour-long fantasy RPG for the same [...]

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Sikora VDiaries - Jersey Jungle Part 2
The Joy Of Christmas (Filmed with Canon 60D)


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