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Noah Cyrus Performs “Smack That”

8 Comments 16 December 2009


Miley’s little sister is seeking attention now and performed Akon’s “Smack That” to a group of people…little baby shank in the works, sad.  I wonder why Disney hasn’t scooper her up yet?  Hmmm, one can only wonder.


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  1. avatar Anonymous says:


  2. avatar kawaii_hime says:

    dunno if she’s ugly or not, she looks normal to me,but who did her make up? coz she looks like a…well not quite nice and she’s only like 10,why the rouge lips and the vampire eyes??? gross

  3. avatar Viva says:

    Noah is uggly!

  4. avatar ninja15 says:

    wtf shes young of course her teeth are gonna be fucked up mine were untill i turened a 11 your sick its people like you that are ugly

  5. avatar sarah says:

    She’s only a kid leave her alone. No kid should be called ugly you people are sick and disgraceful.
    As for her singing and dancing that song Miley shouldn’t be egging her sis on to do that. She’s too young and her dad should be taking more of a notice of what his daughter is doing.

  6. avatar EllieCAL says:

    This is THE most outrageous thing I have heard!! She is only a little kid, and you people are absolutely OFF to be posting stuff like that!! Imagine how she would feel – People posting her being ugly around the world and comparing her to her sister!! You should be ashamed. Maybe Miley and her dad should take more notice of whats going on the internet, because this is horrible.

  7. avatar Sooz says:

    What is wrong with you? She’s a little girl. If you are so deranged that you can’t leave a child to develop without being judged under the incredibly harsh terms placed on adult celebrities you should seek psychiatric help.

  8. avatar Marit says:

    I dont think anyone should call her ugly, she looks like a normal 9 year old. This girl is gonna grow up with bad selfconfidence if the media keeps up this. I recently read in a magazine some people judging her, saying >Someone should really help this girl, both her clothes and face looks like shit.
    WTF?! How can people say things like that about another person?! None the less a little girl!

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