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05 January 2010

Oh boy, you heard that right. Google’s slinging its Nexus One to Verizon in the Spring for an undisclosed amount. At a purchase page that went live during the company’s product launch event in Mountain View, users are notified that the phone will soon be available on America’s largest carrier. Two things are immediately interesting [...]

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05 January 2010

Christina Aguilera is on Marie Claire’s February Magazine cover and has revealed, “Bionic” is the title to her fourth studio album due out this spring! While “Glam,” “Lullaby” & “Bionic” are titles to three new songs on the album. “Two are what she calls the “fun songs”: “Glam,” a poppy, hip-hop inflected throwback to Madonna’s [...]

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05 January 2010

On this quietest of news days, it may interest you to know that the Sandra Bullock-starring The Blind Side has become the highest-grossing female-led film of all time at the US box office, passing the $200m mark for a running total of $208.5m. Of course other films starring women have made over $200m in the [...]

Celebs, Music

05 January 2010

Listen up party girls for whom throwing up in the closet and waking up on the front lawn are merely signs of a night well spent: We have the perfect role model for you. But then again, you probably knew that already since more than 2 million of you have downloaded Ke$ha’s first single, “Tik [...]


05 January 2010

By this time next week, James Cameron should have the two highest-grossing films in history. The amazing feat for Cameron, his Lightstorm Entertainment production shingle and “Avatar” — which has topped $1 billion worldwide — follows the filmmaker’s success in 1997-98 with “Titanic,” the top-grossing picture ever. Fox is handling worldwide distribution on “Avatar” after [...]

Celebs, RIP

05 January 2010

Socialite Casey Johnson has died, aged 30.  The body of the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson empire was discovered on Monday morning in Los Angeles.  The tragic news comes just weeks after Johnson was arrested for grand theft. She hit the headlines in December when bisexual reality TV star Tila Tequila announced she was [...]

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