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07 January 2010

EW sat down with American Idol judges Simon Cowell and AI newbie Ellen DeGeneres to talk about what season 9 of the show has in store! Here’s what Simon and Ellen had to share: Ellen, on whether she worries about negativity from viewers: “Yeah, sure. And I understand it. I was one of those people [...]

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07 January 2010

Mariah Carey told reporters at the People’s Choice Awards last night (January 6) that her slightly off-kilter acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival was due to not eating before the awards show and enjoying “little splashes”. The 40-year-old singer, who took home the award for best breakthrough performance for Precious, explained, “We’d [...]

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07 January 2010

In news that will hit you in the gut with a powerful fist of “we all saw this coming,” The Hoff has been fired from America’s Got Talent because the producers were sick of him stealing Purell from everyone’s dressing room to use as a mixer. Wait. Did I say “fired”? Well, give me a [...]

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07 January 2010

Angelina Jolie is really a blonde, and has been dying her hair dark since she was four years old. The actress claims her late mother Marcheline Bertrand started the trend because she didn’t like the color of Jolie’s locks. And the 34 year old has been reaching for the dye ever since. Jolie tells German [...]

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07 January 2010

Yes you read that right, the studio with the most new 3D movies around isn’t going to release its first title until the fourth quarter of 2010. We’ve seen some cool 3D demos in past few days but lets face it, the technology is worthless without content. Now you might think that Disney would help [...]

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07 January 2010

The 2010 People’s Choice Awards were given out on Wednesday night, honoring fan favorites in various genres. GLEE won for “Favorite New TV Comedy” at the P&G-produced ceremony. VAMPIRE DIARIES won for “Favorite New TV Drama.” The show was hosted by Queen Latifah. Glee has been a hit since day one and continues to grow [...]

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