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Adam Lambert – What Do You Want From Me

2 Comments 15 January 2010

One of the best songs on Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” album is “What Do You Want From Me” it just so happens to be his latest single.  Most people love or hate the guy, I fall into the positive side moreso.  The album is very good for a first effort and features some memorable songs, it also has a few duds but overall it is good.  Check out the music video for the song along with a behind the scenes ‘translation’ from MTV on what the video means!


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  1. Debbie Debbie says:

    I think the video talks about a girl who love him but he knows he is gay and he tells her to not give up. Maybe he is not quite as sure he is gay as he thinks. :0)

  2. Bobby Bobby says:

    the lines that say ‘well it’s plain to see that baby your beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with you it me I’m a freak’ leads you to believe that he may be talking to a girlfriend and trying to let her know it’s not her fault he’s gay but still struggling with it himself at that time. Many Gay ppl feel like society looks at them as ‘abnormal’ (hence the term freak). But as pink wrote the song i really don’t think that we can read to much into it…it’s not like it’s a heartfelt song penned by Adam himself. Te fact that it can mean so much to so many is what makes it a great universal song. Plus Adam’s voice is amazing in this song :D

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