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American Idol ‘Atlanta’ Recap

6 Comments 13 January 2010

Here is a recap of the ATLANTA episode that featured some crazy ass people!

Day 1

Dewone Robinson is the first to get in front of the panel. He relates that his uncle, Clyde, once sang for Gladys Knight and the Pips. He’s singing an original tune called Lady, We’re Not Together Anymore, which features bizarre extreme highs, lows, and excruciating in-betweens. Simon says it’s one of the worst original songs he’s ever heard. Dewone tries it again, but ends up being kicked out.

Keia Johnson boasts a warm, sunny smile – but can she sing? Keia does the theme song from Titanic – she’s got a pretty strong voice – she even impresses Mary J. Blige! Kara notes how her great personality comes across too. Simon likes her as well – she gets four ‘yes’s!

Three more fantastic females go through after Keia – things are looking up!

The next contestant tells Ryan Seacrest that his mom has spina bifida, and he sings regularly at church. Jermaine tries his luck with the judges and makes them very happy – he sounds great! Randy calls him the best they’ve heard yet, and they all give him a ‘yes’!

A colorful personality, hopeful Christy Marie, catches Ryan’s attention. She goes before the judges and tells them she’s a local television host. Christy sings a very dramatic version of Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battlefield. Simon tells her it was terrible. The others back him up – it’s a ‘no’.

Vanessa Wolf, a girl from one of the smallest towns in Tennessee, and a self-professed bridge jumper, tells the American Idol cameras that she came out because she feels trapped – she wants to make something of herself! She sings a twangy song called Wagon Wheel for the judges. Kara tells her she’s definitely a country singer. Simon likes her – she’s authentic. Vanessa gets four ‘yes’s!

Jesse Hamilton, a young man from Alabama, who has almost died three times, is next up. Ryan points out that he could use a turn in his luck. Jesse goes before the judges and admits that he has never sang in front of anyone before. He’s nervous and forgets the words to his Garth Brooks song. Mary J. Blige is in tears, she’s laughing so hard. He finally sings, and Simon informs him that he didn’t recognize the song. Jesse comes down the elevator and announces that they tore ‘im up!

Day 2

There are plenty of tearful and shocked rejects in Atlanta by noon.

The Human Guitar Girl is ready for her chance in front of the judges. Holly is singing You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man by Loretta Lynn. Her singing voice is surprisingly full and totally unlike her speaking voice. They love her personality and she has a good voice – she’s through!

A guy singing Britney Spears tanks, but the next contestant, Mallorie Haley sings Piece of My Heart and intrigues the judges. Mary J. Blige says it was ‘dope’, and the other judges concur, Simon likes her confidence. They all give her ‘yes’s!

A young man who calls himself Skiiboski goes in front of the judges to sing Grapevine. Simon thinks the whole package is awful, but the other judges disagree. Kara thinks he has a good voice, Mary calls it a great voice, and Randy concurs on the vocals, but warns him to lose the rest of the act. Skiiboski celebrates back in the waiting area!

Two BFFs for life are next to speak with Ryan in the holding room. He asks what happens if one makes it and the other doesn’t. They feel that would never happen – they even audition together. Lauren goes first – she has a soft voice, but it’s pretty. Carmen has a more powerful vocal. Simon pronounces Carmen to be better, but notes that they are more interesting together. Carmen goes through without Lauren, but Simon says she doesn’t think they’ll be apart for long.

There are a series of pretty awful female singers, before police officer Bryan Walker comes in to audition. He sings Superstar and is remarkable – not what the judges were expecting. They send him to Hollywood!

Mary J. Blige is the idol of the next hopeful. Lemar goes in and sings a pitchy and overly loud tune. They advise him that it wasn’t great. Lamar starts singing again. Mary and Randy offer advice. Randy tries to tell him he’s not ready, but he keeps bursting into song. Security has to escort him out – he’s swearing all the way!

General Larry Pratt is the last contestant in Atlanta – he is an older man who sings a song called Pants on the Ground. The judges dissolve into laughter and Simon tries to stop him as he gyrates and attempts the splits. Larry tells Simon he is 62 years-old. Simon points out that he’s well over the age limit of 28, but he has a strange feeling that song could be a hit!

Next week on American Idol it’s one of the biggest crowds they’ve ever encountered – in the Windy City – Chicago!

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