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BTV Becomes A YouTube Partner!

1 Comment 16 February 2010

After being a part of the small roots of YouTube, BTV has finally become an official YouTube Partner! It took just six months for the new channel to achieve what creator/founder William Sikora III has been working towards for years. A partnership with YouTube consists of extended branding for your channel, profit from uploaded videos, custom thumbnails, ability to upload videos longer then ten minutes, and more. So, where did BTV start and what made the channel take so long to become a partner?

Back in 2005, before BTV was what it is today, it was simply B Entertainment’s channel that hosted all sorts of videos and content. YouTube was just a seedling back then and no one really knew how big it would become. With the success of The Tarnnia Show (another channel) and after the first channel reached 300 subscribers and 1.6 million views, William Sikora decided to move his personally named channel to a new account to combine all of his shows and material into one place. If you aren’t familiar with YouTube, once you set a username, you are stuck with it. Sikora did not like the name of his channel so he launched the new BTV (ilovebtv.) The success of that channel spawned millions of hits and subscribers flourished when it opened in 2007.

Shortly after the channel was launched, a sketch comedy video was created and uploaded to the channel mocking MTV’s Cribs. It was completely original and gave the show a twist, in India! Unfortunately, YouTube scanned the video and noticed the fake MTV watermark and the system flagged the video as copyrighted material. The account went into the red. Usually if you get three strikes on your account, it gets deleted. Sikora continued to publish original material and shows on the channel and it now boasts 800 subscribers and 3 million views! In order to become a Partner of YouTube, you have to have a good amount of views, subscribers, and a clean slate.

After being denied numerous times for partnership for a video that was two years old and legal, out of frustration, Sikora created another new channel called (itsonbtv) in August of 2009. It kept the same branding as BTV and uploaded most of it’s hit videos on the new site. The site was a big risk and basically was starting from the ground up again. In just a few months the new channel rung up almost 500,000 views and 400+ subscribers! With some incredibly popular videos, BTV was able to regain it’s strength and popularity beyond what BTV ever did in it’s two year run. Generating ad revenue and even being featured on FOX NEWS, NY MAGAZINE, MSNBC, and The Rachel Maddow Show, BTV was shining like never before.

Now in 2010, Sikora set out to apply for partnership with the newly created channel and finally was granted a partnership with YouTube. As of February, the channel boasts over 75 videos, new shows, and an ever growing audience. The Tarnnia Show, Gizmo, Sikora Video Diaries, Buzz, Randomocity, and BigHeads are the most popular shows that grace the channel. Finally, after a long journey of creating and uploading over 600 videos, BTV can now stand proud and entertain it’s audience on a whole other level.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when Sikora decided to fight for the flagged video to get his account cleared and in good standing. It was a brief legal battle that ended in a victory for BTV! The account was clean and ready for partnership. Sikora has released a statement regarding the channel’s promotion:

“I am extremely excited to finally become a YouTube partner. We finally have the opporturnity to entertain our audiences with proper branding and expand our library with longer films, films for purchase, rental, and more. For years, I have hated having to trust in the YouTube system to pick out random thumbnails for videos I’ve worked so hard on…some thumbnails would just be blurs and beyond irrelevant to what the video is about. Now, I can place a proper thumbnail to show what the video actually contains. All I can say is that I am very anxious to see how much further the channel grows in the near future and I hope that you keep coming back to watch all of the videos I produce.”

You can subscribe to BTV by going to or if you want to check out the official website that also showcases the latest videos, you can go to – Be sure to follow Sikora on Twitter and give him a shout, thanks are always appreciated.


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