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Justin Bieber Gets Rejected

1 Comment 15 February 2010

Heartthrob Justin Bieber was on the prowl at a young age! The teen singer revealed to Us Magazine that at the fresh young age of thirteen, his heart was broken.

“My first crush was when I was 13, in my little town in Canada. You know, it was one of those little crushes you have when you’re younger. I asked her out and she said no.”

I LOVE how he is reflecting on this momentous event like it happened ten years ago. You’re still only fifteen years old, dude! There will be many more young crushes to come!

This Canadian girl must be regretting her actions, but according to Bieber, it would be “probably for the wrong reasons.” How sad that he has to think about fame whores and gold diggers before he finishes puberty.

Bieber is banking on his heartthrob status and teaming up with for Valentine’s day, creating the “One Less Lonely Girl” bouquet. Just like the script that his publicist gave him to memorize, Bieber said that he would send the bouquet to his momma.

Even if he doesn’t have a Valentine’s date, he does have a celebrity crush: Beyonce! “I met her at the VMAs. I went up to her, said ‘I love your music,’ and she said, ‘Aww, you’re so cute,” Bieber says. “She’s gorgeous.”

First he was spotted kissing Rihanna and now he is on to Beyonce! Can anyone say, “LUCKIEST TEENAGE BOY EVER!”?

Check out these pictures of Bieber posing after a free concert at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles on February 13th, 2010.

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    and me and not me ashamed port glasses, well I have not read anything about TN but still bothers me to see with your glasses.

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