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The Most Expensive iPad App! LOOK!

2 Comments 01 April 2010

While games on the iPhone are pretty cheap, you can find the “HD” versions of the games bumped up a few dollars!  Do you find it fair?  Check out the world’s most expensive iPad app called “BeeLife.”  Do the HD graphics and bigger screen really make a difference?  Leave your coments!  The app comes out April 1st.

The iPad hits stores on April 3rd starting at $499.99 – does this game sell you?

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  1. says:

    WTF. Just because people have enough money to buy an iPad doesn’t mean we have $50 sitting in our pockets to spend on the dumbest game in the world. dumbest app ever! and they expect $50 per person!! omfg.

  2. Buzz Buzz says:

    it is an april fools joke ;)

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