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The New Xbox 360 Gets Unboxed!

No Comments 10 July 2010

Gizmo finally gets their hands on the brand new Xbox 360 and does an unboxing for everyone. After it’s setup, Gizmo tests out how quiet it is and goes over all the new features on the sexy revamped hardware from Microsoft. The new design features a 250gb HDD, built in WiFi, more USB ports, it’s [...]

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Justin Bieber “Fever” Music Video

No Comments 09 July 2010

The World Premiere of the Bigheads Justin Bieber music video “Fever” is finally here! Bieber fans aren’t your typical fans, they have the Bieber Fever and go crazy for Justin! This is the ultimate song for any fans who have the fever! Bigheads makes a triumphant return by choosing Justin Bieber as it’s latest video.  [...]

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