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Tarnnia’s Final Season Episodes Stretched Until 2011

1 Comment 15 September 2010

Any big fans of The Tarnnia Show on BTV have noticed that the show has not climaxed yet, even though in the Spring, the promos said it was the final episodes.  The fifth and final season has hit a few production bumps along the way, but rest assured the show will go on until the proper finale.

Shooting was supposed to finish in August, but due to delays and travel plan changes, the show won’t be wrapping up it’s big finale until mid December.  With just a few unreleased episodes in tow, Tarnnia will shoot enough content to release throughout early 2011.  “It will still be considered Season 5, but we are just spreading out our episodes a little more then we usually do…it’s not much of a difference, since the first seasons had very short episodes that lasted sometimes only 15 seconds…every episode in Season 5 is at least 4 minutes or so, so you are getting a lot more in every episode.” BTV said.

Look for the next episode of The Tarnnia Show to appear on BTV in the coming weeks.  Fans also have voiced their desire for a spin off with Granny as the lead…but there has been no word on that happening.


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  1. says:

    thank GAWD. and if tarnia ends (still in denial) granny MUST keep on. god, i will be so depressed. like bucket-of-chicken depressed.

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