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Bieber “Fever” Becomes BTV’s Most Watched Video!

0 Comments 14 October 2010

If you think that the fans of Justin Bieber cant rise to the top and take down anyone in their way, think again.  After only three months the BigHeads music video starring Justin Bieber has crossed over 400,000 views and topped the most watched charts on BTV.  Originally there was a Gizmo video that was #1 and has been out for nine months, the speed at which the BigHeads video moved was unsurpassed.  On top of that, the song has blown away all of Sikora’s expectations on iTunes, with people buying the song all around the world!  “The song has been doing extremely well, even better then some other singles of my own, actually!”  Fans have been jamming to the song for a couple of months and just recently a FAN VERSION has been released, where fans sing and dance to “Fever” and all of their submissions were compiled into one giant fan video.

BTV also announced today that they will definitely be bringing back Justin Bieber to BigHeads again early next year and they hope to create a song that is just as memorable as “Fever.”
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