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22 November 2010

The last season has been a good one, but one bad thing about it, is we aren’t given many episodes like the good ol’ days of Tarnnia.  Although while past seasons have had 30-60 episodes, with some episodes lasting 20 seconds long, this final season has 19 current episodes, with most episodes ranging from 2 [...]

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22 November 2010

It’s that time of year again, time to put up the lights and the decorations and bring out the sweaters…but it’s also time for Sikora and his new album “This Is Christmas”  A follow up from last years “The Sound Of Christmas EP” which adds eight new songs to the five from the EP completing [...]

Music, Sikora

Sikora Preps Christmas Album Re-Release

No Comments 12 November 2010

Sikora announced that he will be re-releasing his hit Christmas album “The Sound of Christmas” but add 5-6 new tracks to the 5 already turning it from an EP into a full fledged album!  The EP was released online last year to great reviews, with Sikora covering some of the biggest Christmas songs like Holy [...]

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