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Sikora Shows Off His New Hair

No Comments 24 February 2011

Sikora has been growing his hair out and finally showed off the new doo on his official Tumblr page!  What do you think of the new look? Click on the images to check them out full size!  Sikora has been working on new music and keeping things in the wraps until he gets a well [...]

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Adele & Her Voice, Rule The World

1 Comment 24 February 2011

There usually is a curse with an artist’s sophomore album, it usually never lives up to the hype from the sucess of the first album.  Then there is the “Best New Artist” curse that somehow sends an artist’s career into the dark.  Amy Winehouse won, Lauryn Hill won, both while being talented, haven’t released a [...]

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This Old Lady LOVES Justin Bieber

1 Comment 15 February 2011

Meet Justin Bieber’s oldest fan, who has been to over 14 concerts, has multiple copies of every album, posters, you name it! She is crazy! She wants to marry Justin and bought 10 tickets to his movie NEVER SAY NEVER. This is an interview with her!

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MTV Cribs: India Edition Gets Revamped

No Comments 15 February 2011

It’s been almost four years since the “EMTV Cribs” episode that premiered on the original BTV channel on YouTube and it has spawned thousands of views.    After the new BTV channel premiered just over a year ago, things have been in the works to bring back the classic videos that once were featured on the [...]

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AT&T Gives All It’s Customers 1000 Bonus Minutes

No Comments 11 February 2011

Just a day after the iPhone started going for sale at Verizon, AT&T has sent out a text to it’s customers saying THANK YOU for sticking with us!  More then a thanks, they are giving out 1,000 bonus rollover minutes, for free…with apparently no catch…but really, who uses all of their Rollover minutes anyway, but [...]

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