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Adele & Her Voice, Rule The World

1 Comment 24 February 2011

There usually is a curse with an artist’s sophomore album, it usually never lives up to the hype from the sucess of the first album.  Then there is the “Best New Artist” curse that somehow sends an artist’s career into the dark.  Amy Winehouse won, Lauryn Hill won, both while being talented, haven’t released a second album since their win, and it’s been YEARS.  Adele has already said she won’t be like many of the stars who get washed up and forgotten, or end up like Amy Winehouse.  The now, twenty one year old has released her album “21″ which raises the bar once again.  After being #1 for almost a month in the UK and outselling the top five albums combined, she has finally come out in the US and is set to have her biggest debut selling upwards to 300,000 copies, putting her on the top of the charts.

Her talent shines in the album with amazing stand out songs like “Set Fire To The Rain” , “Take It All” , “Turning Tables” and her first single “Rolling In The Deep.”  Adele also tackles another song from The Cure, “Lovesong” and does a beautiful job at it.    With the success of “19″ nabbing Adele four Grammy nods and two wins, “21″ looks like it will be a repeat of wins for the fresh star.  There are few songs that ever touch me deeply enough to change the temperature of my body, Adele does that…She touches her audience in a way no songs streaming over the radio do…this is real music.

Collaborating with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on “Rumor Has It” gave Adele a fresh sound.  She also says she was inspired by R&B stars Mary J Blige and even Kanye West.  The sounds of “21″ blend together nicely even though there were many people who contributed in creating it.  Her voice is the one thing that ties it all together and carries the album from start to finish in a massive heart-wrenching sweep.

We rarely review albums, but this is one you CANNOT miss!  Support real music.

W. Sikora

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Listen to a live version of my favorite track from the album:

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    She’s amazing! The soundtrack of my soul but I’ve told you this already Sikora lol Love her!

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