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BTV & Lady Gaga: The Fight For Glory

10 Comments 31 May 2011

BTV went to war to defend their right to use an audio snippet from a Lady Gaga song “The Edge of Glory” for an official Google commercial submission.  The concept was to translate the song and make your own interpretation of the song, so BTV creator William Sikora set out to create his version in less than a 24 hour deadline.  He managed to create a visually captivating piece, but sadly after it was posted, it got flagged as copyright usage on YouTube and BTV had one strike marked against them.  It usually takes three strikes against an account before it all gets deleted.

After hearing the news, William Sikora set out to make this wrong, right.  Filing a dispute for FAIR USE rights and that the only reason the video was uploaded for the commercial (which took place on YouTube anyway) was solely for a submission to an official Google request (Google owns YouTube.)

“I was very upset, it was kind of ridiculous seeing hundreds of other videos featuring the entire song, even another submission I helped edit for a friend wasn’t flagged, yet ours was…it was really confusing.  I didn’t care if we had to remove the video, we just didn’t want a strike on our account.  So after some research and filing the dispute, it went to court and we won!” William Sikora said.

BTV’s video was reinstated and the strike against the account was removed.   Sadly the commercial already aired and it didn’t feature Sikora’s creation.  The commercial moreso focused on people singing in front of their webcams, not a full fledged piece of art.  You can view the Google commercial and watch the BTV creation how it was originally meant to be, below:


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    Great song and album

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    That video was cool.

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    GO BTV

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