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Nintendo Announces Wii U

1 Comment 29 June 2011

Nintendo announced its ALL NEW SYSTEM today at E3, Wii U. This is not an accessory or just a controller for Wii. The device is brand new and the hardware unit is brand new. You can’t use your Wii with this controller.

We got only a sneak peek at the new controller which features a huge 6 inch touch screen which has every feature jammed into the thing. The actual hardware of the Wii U was not demonstrated, although there are some photos of it in the video, it is probably not the final design. Wii U is made to capture the casual and the hardcore gamers. Its made for YOU. The controller will open another window of gaming, with tons of major developers on board, this is going to be an exciting change in gaming. The Wii U will stream the HD gaming to the controller lag free, so if someone wants to watch tv on the big screen, you can move your game to the controller. You can use the controller in all new ways, great for sports, shooters and much more, the ideas are limitless!

Yes Nintendo will be HD, exact specs arent released but major third party games like Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham, Tom Clancy, Ninja Gaiden, Tekken, and many more are coming with customized designs that fit the new controller! The graphics in the games shown are not from Wii U they are from Xbox 360 and PS3 or demos, they were only showing the line up of game franchises coming to WiiU…the graphical hardware hasn’t even been announced, sit down fan boys.

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