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Sikora Visits Hollywood Studios

0 Comments 29 June 2011

Get ready to hit the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Sikora and his family continue their adventure in Orlando, FL. The park is the most beautiful around Christmas time as the entire New York City set is decked out in thousands of lights all synced to music. It is definitely something you have to see in person! This is just a peek at a few of the many attractions at Hollywood Studios (once called MGM Studios) but you get an up close and personal look at Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, The Car Stunt Show, and more!

Join Sikora in his acclaimed web series and never miss another episode!

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  • Ooof worked about 19 hours today GIMME MA BED! Been creating lots of exciting things for & :D
  • LMAO lets go tomorrow cuz ima be gone for a longggggg time and might crack a skull lol
  • RIP to Anthony who passed away, alzheimers is a sad disease. Hada great voice n we recorded an EP of him singing Sinatra. C U IN HEAVEN
  • thats good, its fun to dl on the iPhone, just magically appears...wish there was an Amazon MP3 app
  • RT : I'm going crazy on iTunes buying all this music .. THANKS FOR $UPPORTING THE ARTS!!!!!!

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