Rebecca Black, William Sikora

Rebecca Black Prepares For Her ‘Moment’

0 Comments 11 July 2011

Rebecca Black is debuting a new single called My Moment next Monday, July 18th.  Not only that, but she’s wrapping up a 5 song EP that’ll be due out sometime in August

My Moment will debut on Black’s starting at 8:00 p.m. on July 18 as well as at  The following day, the song will be available for purchase on iTunes.

Bent Design is very proud to be working with Rebecca on the design and marketing end, creating the single cover and various marketing materials including posters, banners, and her official website!  “We are very excited to be working with Rebecca and her team, she is a bright, talented girl who is ready to show the world what she’s got!”  William Sikora said.

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