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1 Comment 03 August 2011

BTV is holding an online audition to get YOUR music featured on the hit channel. Doesn’t matter if you are country, rock, acoustic, pop, classical, techno, whatever your sound is, they want to hear it. It can be a full-on song with singing or even an instrumental. Get your song playing in the background of hit BTV shows like Sikora Video Diaries, Gizmo, Randomocity, The Tarnnia Show, and more! If your music is selected, a feature will be presented in the video to show fans where they can purchase the song.

This is great opportunity for up and coming artists, or just talented people in general to get their stuff heard. There are 50,000 hits a day on the channel as well as

Send your material to with name and contact information. For more info please visit

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1 comment

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    Thanks, I was searching for their website.

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