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Rebecca Black Wins Teen Choice Award

12 Comments 07 August 2011

Rebecca Black has had an amazing few months and today she has a huge reason to celebrate, she just won her first TEEN CHOICE AWARD.  The always smiling singer has been the talk of the web ever since her worldwide phenomenom single “Friday” hit the web, but she used ever bit of press (good and bad) to her advantage and overcame.

Black’s new single “My Moment” shows her skills and that she can be taken seriously in this business, she doesn’t want to just own one day of the week, this is her moment, her year!

The 14-year old star looked stunning on the red carpet in a purple dress, one of her favorite colors.

Congratulations to Rebecca for everything she has accomplished and we look forward to see much more to come in the future, along with her new EP set to premiere this month. You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @msrebeccablack

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12 Comments so far

  1. ... says:

    Congrads (:

  2. Nowfel says:

    LMAO WOW YOU HAVE FANS TO EVEN WIN DAT?? xD Music is at its “GREATEST” downfall! and goto hell-.-

  3. says:

    I know you’re win thin bcz i like you ! :-)

  4. Kenneth says:

    I think she’s just such a great person. I wish her the best.

  5. Mirahbear says:

    Congrats Becky. :)

  6. Drae says:

    This is just sad. That song was just as heavily auto-tuned as Friday. It’s terrible and for this to be considered talent makes me not want to live on this planet any more. -_- Rebecca Black, please kill yourself. -_-

  7. Georgina Marquez says:

    Congratulations Becca! I am so proud of you! And now you have proof, everything always happens for a good positive reason!

  8. says:

    I love “My Moment”!
    Rebecca, you’re voice is beautiful!

  9. says:

    This is amazing she really did prove the world wrong! She made everyone think she sucked when really she had talent and she will go far looking for the loftee Apparel! Sponsorship for the best and most Amazing clothing for all the stars. Loftee Apparel! wants to thank everyone that has stuck with her from the start =)

    Thank you and god bless

    Loftee Apparel!

  10. Gypsy says:

    She isnt even a real singer, or music writer.
    daddy paid for everything right down to her youtube channel.

    Heck the band playing in the video isnt even really playing.
    Rebecca cant even dance, real dancers did it for her, there is about 4 secs of her dancing in the whole video.

    I suppose anyone can be a star now a days, it doesn’t take real talent, just a rich daddy.
    There are thousands of girls on tube that write their own songs and actually play instruments and are 50 times better then Rebecca is, but obviously since they dont have the money to buy everything and have to actually work for their fame, they are SOL huh?

    sad what music has become

    Dont get me wrong, RB is an ok singer, but no where worthy of this lame award.

  11. Michael says:

    So, anyone who has money can become a “star” now?
    RB is ok but not worthy of an award yet.
    There are much better singers on tube who play instruments and write their own music going unnoticed because their daddies are not rich and can buy their fame.

    Sad what the music industry is becoming.

  12. Hmm... says:

    maybe the people who think she doesnt deserve this award live in the dumpsters… im 99.9 percent sure…

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