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Lion King Is ‘King’ For 2nd Weekend

0 Comments 25 September 2011

The Lion King 3D roared loud this weekend beating out four new movies that were sure to knock it down from the throne.   The 17 year old film raked in $22.1 million on it’s second weekend returning to theaters.

People who were kids back then are now taking their kids to see the film and experience it how they did on the big screen.  It truly shows how magical something can be and how timeless a film can be through the generations.

Adbuction, Moneyball, and Dolphin Tale, all new movies this weekend,  were no match for the Disney flick.   The 3-D version has made $61.7 million in two weeks, bringing it’s total  to $390.2 million.  It was originally only staying in theaters for two weeks but now Disney is extending it’s release due to its obvious success.

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