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Justin Bieber: Zombie Apocalypse

0 Comments 31 October 2011

It’s the apocalypse and Justin Bieber must face a horde of zombies! Will he escape from the attacks of the brain craving monsters or will become dinner? YOU DECIDE in this all new INTERACTIVE “Choose Your Own Adventure” video, a BTV exclusive!

This is our very first interactive video, make sure you have annotations enabled so you can select the storyline you want to see.

Like the song? Meet The Dirty Zombie Killers
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  • I really cant stand hearing my neighbor pee, its like hes tryna compete with the roar of Niagara Falls for a LONG period of time! Nasty
  • Photo: She’s ready for Santa’s gifts even though she already doesn’t believe he exists! Lol (Taken with...
  • so much for being sick lol
  • shot you an email on Facebook! Check it if you can! Thanks much!
  • props to you! That's pretty amazinnnng

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