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Sikora Teases Upcoming SVD Season

0 Comments 01 November 2011

Sikora is preparing for his biggest VIDEO DIARIES season ever!  Season 7 will make it’s debut this November and take fans all the way to the Jersey Shore and beyond!

“There is so much in the works right now, I can’t even keep up!   Trying to get as much documented as possible, but right now I am ready to get these Jersey Shore Video Diaries out to the public, because they are gonna be a blast!”  Sikora said.

Last season, Sikora took fans to Disney World and into his new home in LA, it was a fun, exciting season…as each one gets better, it will be harder for Sikora to top the last.

Stay tuned for SIKORA VIDEO DIARIES, Season 7, this November, only on BTV.

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