Welcome to the new Buzz!  We’ve been blogging for years and originally started with news just about our own company B Entertainment in 2005.  Since that time we’ve covered over 1,000 stories and videos!

In March of 2009 we shifted our focus and covered all entertainment news and stories along with a new name “buzz.”   Immediately the site’s popularity sky rocketed and instead of a couple of thousand hits a year, we received 200,000 in just ten months!

Now in 2010, with the launch of our new site, we are focusing on blogging about news we find interesting…whatever the buzz is in the world that makes us buzz…we will share it.  We are moving our focus on covering all media news to just news we find fun and interesting that we find across the web.  We hope you don’t stop visiting our site and continue to click through to see what we are buzzing about!

Join in on the buzz, bookmark us, share our links, and come back daily!

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