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iPhone 4S Siri Is Amazing & Scary!

No Comments 13 October 2011

We give you an in-depth look at the amazing things you can do with Siri. Think of it as having your very own personal assistant with you, organizing your calendar, reminding you, writes emails, texts, handles your music, and can look up anything you ask it. Just talk and Siri listens. Siri even talks back [...]

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The Jersey Shore Crashes BTV

No Comments 05 August 2011

The World Premiere Music Video “Pump It” is finally here! The whole cast of Jersey Shore make an appearance in this hilarious animated parody music video. The song was written and recorded by Sikora, a Jersey born entertainer who felt that he should be the one to write a song about being a REAL Jersey [...]

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What Sharks Really Think About

No Comments 04 August 2011

A little look into what sharks actually think about. Look into their minds and see what they think of the whole SHARK WEEK phenomenom that comes around every year on TV. An animated short created by William Sikora III. Do you want to see more animated shorts with animals and what they are thinking? Let [...]

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Drunkest Man In The World? Probably.

No Comments 29 June 2011

This guy walked home super drunk and stumbled the entire way. These city security cameras caught his whole journey as he collapses and trips over everything in his path. The original video has no sound, we added every sound effect and of course our famous audio dub. Share this video with friends and family and [...]

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Justin Bieber vs Taylor Lautner Celebrity Deathmatch

No Comments 06 June 2011

Justin Bieber takes on that hunky werewolf from Twilight, Taylor Lautner. After avoiding fans, Justin escapes to a quiet location where he runs into trouble and faces his worst fears. Who will win the fight? The floppy haired teen or the muscle packed shirtless guy who plays a werewolf? This episode stars Will Sikora and [...]

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MTV Cribs: India Edition Gets Revamped

No Comments 15 February 2011

It’s been almost four years since the “EMTV Cribs” episode that premiered on the original BTV channel on YouTube and it has spawned thousands of views.    After the new BTV channel premiered just over a year ago, things have been in the works to bring back the classic videos that once were featured on the [...]

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